Sheet Size Palette

Sheet sizeSize of the resulting sheet can be calculated automatically depending on the number and size of positions, gaps and margins, or it can be selected manually either from pre-set common formats or by making a new one. To make a new format you need to set its height and width (these two sizes can be switched by pressing the portrait and landscape buttons). The third button allows you to set sheet orientation automatically. Custom formats can be saved under custom names (floppy disc icon), edited (pen/paper icon) or deleted (trash icon). If an asterisk is displayed next to the name of a format it indicates that it was selected, but its height/width was changed. Minimal sheet size necessary for all positions including margins is also displayed on the palette.

The Edit button can be used to get an overview of all preset and custom formats and to edit them. The 'Read only' attribute can be set for formats here to avoid unintentional changes. It is also possible to set the non-printable area of the sheet and to choose if the non-printable area will only be visible in preview or if it will affect the imposition itself (during automatic rows and columns calculation). Note: you can use the non-printable area only for a sheet selected from saved sheets, the non-printable area will not be used for changed sheets.

Sheet size cannot be calculated automatically if the 'Calculate automatically' feature (for rows and columns amount) on the Imposition Appearance Palette is enabled.

The last option allows you to set the alignment of the entire imposition to the sheet.