Montax Imposer – PDF Imposition Software

Montax Imposer version 1.8.0 is a software for PDF imposition. It allows the user to place pages from a PDF file or images on one or more sheets and then export the imposition into a single PDF file again.

Imposition software Montax Imposer produces PDF files, which may be used for print on digital printers as well as any other device for offset printing (imagesetter, CTP). In Montax Imposer you can place 10 cards per A4 just as easily as to impose 1,000 pages of a book to a double cross-fold.

Montax Imposer Basics

The pages are placed on the final sheet on positions which are arranged as a table. The assignment of specific pages to these positions is defined by an imposition scheme which determines the page order from the source PDF for each position. These positions remain unchanged for all sheets of a specific imposition (not only the number of rows and columns, but also the size and location of each table cell – i.e. position).

This imposition scheme together with all other properties of an imposition can be saved for later use with other pages in a form of a template which is very useful if we need to create certain impositions often, for example business cards. Of course, it is also possible to save the whole imposition for later editing or use.

The software comes with various templates and presets available and makes imposition a matter of seconds. Besides the standard "N-UP" imposition placing pages to the imposition sheet in the same order as in the source PDF a "Cut & Stack" imposition style is available. This style is especially useful for numbered items printing e.g. tickets. After the sheets are cut the blocks are placed on top of each other and the items are numbered correctly. The third basic imposition style is "Booklet" commonly used for magazines, newspapers and books. Similar imposition style "Calendar" can be used for example for table calendar. Montax Imposer also provides an option to combine and adjust these basic styles in many ways (cross-fold, perfect binding and others). All properties of impositions can, of course, be edited and adjusted according to your needs.