Sizes and Values

While working with pages, when their size and placement are set trim box is always taken into account. When automatic position sizing is enabled, size is set according to trim box and when a page is smaller or larger than its position it is also scaled according to trim box (if pages fit is enabled). Trim box is set according to the finished size of the printed matter on the final sheet.

An exception of this rule occurs while activating "Force bleed" on the Info Palette. In this case Montax Imposer adjusts and aligns page bleed to the position bleed box. If page bleed box is missing (e.g. in pictures), the program works with the whole image and it is aligned on bleed of a position.

In Montax Imposer, it is possible to work with various units such as mm, cm, inch, pt, depending on your preference. If these units are changed, all values are re-calculated to represent newly selected units correctly. Units for sizes and line thickness can be selected separately. It is possible to use mathematical expressions (with operators +, -, *, / and parentheses) in controls working with values, even with different units – for example "2 cm + 3*4 pt – 5 mm/2". Currently selected units are used when no units are specified.