Hotfolders Monitor

Hotfolders MonitorThis feature is only available in Montax imposer ProHot Standalone Application.

Montax Imposer Hotfolders Monitor continuously monitors hotfolders and if it finds new files for imposition it generates a PDF out of them based on a template created or selected in the main application. Hotfolders monitor provides a quick overview of folders and imposition progress. The user can see if the program is ready for imposition, if there is an imposition in progress or for example if it is necessary to wait for files to finish copying. A warning is shown if the target PDF is opened and the imposition can therefore not be made, or if a fatal error occurs during PDF export. This can happen for example when the file could not be created because there was not enough disc space. If there are any errors in the imposition itself the PDF is created and the errors are listed in a log.

Monitor behavior can be set in the settings menu – you can set the Monitor window position to be always on the top, automatic Monitor start can be set on windows start-up and you can also set Monitor to start minimized if you do not need to see its window. Monitor can also be minimized to system tray so that it takes the least space of your screen. Depending on your operating system you can set its icon to be visible at all times or only if the output PDF could not be created. Monitor can also be used to start the main application, where hot folders can be set.