Program Appearance

The main window of Montax Imposer is displayed when the program is run, containing menu, toolbar and the main work area. The work area shows an imposition preview, which can be interactively changed. Furthermore, it is possible to display a variety of palettes, which allow the user to control various features of the program. These palettes can be floating freely or they can be grouped on the left or right side of the work area or above it. If the palettes cannot fit a single column on the left (or a row above) a second column (or row) is formed automatically. Some special palettes are always floating, some allows you to toggle dockable / floating only mode in the palette settings (button with a dot).

The only exception is a horizontally organized Info Palette, which can only be placed above the work area and it always stays on the 1st position and other palettes are placed below it. Unlike other palettes it can also be placed directly under the toolbar. Of course, this palette can also be free floating.

Only one imposition file can be opened in Montax Imposer at a time. This file can, however, contain several separate (or interconnected in a certain way) impositions and it is possible to navigate through them using the tabs under the work area.

User interface of Montax User interface of Montax User interface of Montax