Shortcuts Settings

Shortcuts settingShortcuts can be customized in this window. They can be set separately for the main work area and for the Pages for Imposition Palette.

All functions which can have an assigned shortcut are listed in the Available functions list. When a function is selected all shortcuts which are currently assigned to it (if any) are listed in the upper-right window captioned Shortcuts for selected function. Shortcuts can be canceled by clicking them and pressing the Delete button. New shortcuts can be created by selecting a function, pressing the desired combination of keys and clicking Set. Using the checkboxes under the window for new shortcuts makes it possible to make the shortcut active for the main work area, the Pages for Imposition Palette or both of these. If a shortcut is already assigned to another function it is shown under these checkboxes. If the user decides to assign a shortcut which is already used for another function by clicking the 'Set' button its previous assignment will be canceled.

Home, End, Delete, Backspace and Space buttons are not available in numeric or text input fields – they keep their usual functions for editing in these fields. Of course, in these fields are not active shortcuts consisting of just numbers or letters without Ctrl or Alt. Therefore we recommend you always use Ctrl or Alt for numbers or letters.

To save all newly assigned shortcuts, 'OK' must be clicked. 'Restore to default' button resets all shortcut settings and clicking 'Cancel' closes this window without saving any new shortcuts.