Printing Plate Palette

Printing plateThis palette can only be used in Expert mode.

This palette is intended for output to the printing plate. The imposition itself depends on the sheet size, but you can use this palette to change the size of the output PDF and the position of the sheet on the plate. The sheet is always located at the bottom center of the plate, but you can set bottom margin (grip) – distance between plate edge and sheet edge and horizontal shift, if the sheet is not to be on the center of the plate. When using a printing plate, the TrimBox and BleedBox are not set according to the imposition settings (as in the case that the plate is not used), but both are set to the same size as the PDF. The Perfecting option is intended for printing both sides of a sheet in one pass, where the sheet flips around the horizontal axis for printing on the back. You can edit plates similarly to the Sheet Size Palette, the non-printable area is for visual information only.