Spot Colors

Custom colorsCMYK colors and spot colors can be used for custom objects. You can use spot colors that are used in PDF for imposition or user-defined colors. The program does not include libraries with color definitions and their appearance, but can take these colors from PDF for imposition – all the spot colors used in the PDF for imposition are available in the spot color list. These colors taken from PDF cannot be edited, they can only be used in different densities.

It is also possible to add a user-defined spot color. It is necessary to specify name of this color and it is also necessary to define its appearance (for displaying on the monitor and composite printing) by entering equivalent CMYK values. The user-defined color is shown in the spot color list with a prefix "User defined:" and its appearance (CMYK values) can be modified. However, if it is imported a PDF for imposition containing a spot color with the same name later (after defining this color), the color used in the PDF is used as the color definition (the PDF color definition always takes precedence).