Images Imposition

image to pdfYou can create PDF from your photos. Common types of pictures can be imported and imposed: jpg, tif, psd, png, gif, pbm, pct, pcx, bmp. Images can be in a bitmap mode, grayscale, indexed, RGB or CMYK.

Montax Imposer works with pictures in the same way as with PDF files. The only difference is that pictures do not have a set bleed. If it is required it can either be set manually in Pages for Imposition Palette (bleed changes automatically by setting a trimbox). Another option is to use the "Force bleed function" on the Info Palette.

Images or photos can be imported using menu or toolbar or you can drag it directly from any file manager to the work area of the program.

Montax Imposer ignores channels of spot colors in TIF and PSD files. Only files with color depth up to 16 bits per one color channel are supported.