Variable Data Import Palette

Data importThis palette is only available with Variable Data Printing Extension.

This palette is used to define a data file for Variable Data Printing. You can select the file, clear the name of the file and read the file again if it has been changed in an external application. If any field contains PDF or image name, this field is used as a data source for print variable images (PDF option on the Info palette in Variable, Numbering & Custom Objects Mode) and it does not contain path but only file name, PDF files are expected in the same folder as the data file. Button Default PDF dir allows you to define additional (preferred) folder for PDF or image files.

Additionally it is possible to define fields and records delimiters. For data exported from Excel in csv format use semicolon and enter. However, other delimiters can be used depending on the structure of the data file. For example a file exported from Word can be used, where individual fields can be separated by end of line (enter) and records can be separated by two enters.

For character encoding option automatic encoding recognition is best suited (for Unicode and default system encoding). If records and fields are recognized, content of the file is displayed in a table. Otherwise only preview of the contents is displayed without splitting into fields and records.

ProHot version only: if you use variable data in the template for hotfolders, there are two options for using a data file: if the file is selected on this palette (at the time of creating a template for the hotfolder), this selected file is always used. If the file is not selected (or if it is not founded), the *.txt or *.csv file must be saved in the hotfolder together with PDF for imposition (name of the file can be arbitrary). This file will be used as data file. Use Clear button to cancel the file selection; the fields and records delimiters definitions and the Default PDF dir are also considered if no data file is selected. This file must be saved before the imposition begins, i.e. before the PDF for imposition is saved. If data from the data file are used as PDF names and these data do not contain paths but only file names, use Default PDF dir button to define the location of variable PDF files.