The work area of Montax Imposer shows an imposition sheet. If two-sided imposition is used front and back pages of the sheet are displayed. Positions and pages placed on them are shown on the sheet. If previews are disabled, positions and pages assigned to them are shown with their orientation (labeled with TOP). When a page is placed on a position, its bleed is also shown. If a page cannot fit a position it is displayed in a different color. Also, if an imposition does not fit its sheet, the edge of such sheet is highlighted by a warning color. If paper thickness correction is enabled arrows indicating page shift on the following sheet are shown. Crosses and marks are, of course, also shown on the sheet. If sheet size is set manually while having non-printable area set, the edge of the non-printable area is also displayed. Areas and page orientation are not shown when previews are enabled – sheet area and unoccupied positions are shown.

Clicking a position (in the Standard or Expert mode) selects it (SHIFT and CTRL can be used to add/remove another position to the selection). Clicking outside of a position and mouse dragging can used to select a group of positions. Positions that are at least partly within the rectangle drawn will be selected. Clicking a position and dragging it to another one can be used to interchange pages assigned to these positions. All other properties of these positions, such as sizes, alignment and shift will remain unchanged.

Pages can be assigned to positions using one of these approaches:

1. Using automatic position filling

2. Clicking a page in the Pages for Imposition Palette and dragging it to the desired position

3. Double clicking the position to display a page number box and writing one (the page must exist)

4. Choosing page order on the info Palette (the page does not have to exist in this case)

5. Importing a PDF by dragging it directly from any file manager to the work area or to the Pages for Imposition Palette

Page number is shown as a main one on the work area, on the palette Pages for Imposition and can also be written in the box that appears when double clicking a position. Page order is shown on the work area below the page number only if it is different from page number.

Tip: When placing specific pages, use their numbers (by dragging from a palette or by double-clicking a position and writing them). If you are preparing a template without specific pages, you must use page order numbers (because you do not have any specific page numbers available) that can entered on the Info Palette.

See also The difference between page number and page order