How to


Several short how-to tips

How to Print Business Cards

  • run Montax Imposer plugin from Adobe Acrobat (or run Montax Standalone Application)
  • import file with business card
  • show Page repetition palette and set Fill all positions
  • set paper size and orientation
  • set one-sided sheet and rows and columns calculate automatically
  • eventually show trim marks
  • export final PDF into Acrobat

How to Print Photos on A3

  • import photos
  • set size of photos
  • fit photos to positions
  • set rotate pages to portrait
  • set paper size and number of rows and columns
  • eventually set gaps between rows and columns
  • export final PDF

How to Make Booklet

  • import PDF
  • set number of columns to 2
  • set two-sided sheet
  • set imposition type booklet
  • set required marks - trim, registration, sheet description
  • you can also preview other sheets
  • export final PDF into Acrobat

How to Add Numbers to Tickets

This is an example of using the Numbering feature. It is possible to add numbers, text or other custom objects to the sheet. If numbering is used, pages are repeated to reach the end value of the numbering.

How to Print Numbered Tickets

  • import PDF with tickets (300 tickets)
  • set one-sided sheet
  • set paper size for example A3
  • set rows and columns calculate automatically
  • set Cut & Stack imposition
  • eventually set required marks
  • export final PDF into Acrobat

How to Use Variable Data Printing Extension

Variable Data Printing Extension allows you to use data from .csv or .txt files to personalize final pdf. In this example you can see an imposition of members cards using data from Excel.

How to Creare Barcodes

Montax Imposer with Variable Data Printing Extension allows you to create barcodes and insert them to the output PDF. Barcodes can be static (identical for all pages and positions) or variable using data from .csv or .txt files.

How to Impose Business Cards with the same back side

You will see how to very easy impose three different business cards with the same back side in this example.

How to Impose Calendar

An example of table calendar imposition. This calendar has tha last page on the back side of the first page and so on.

How to Use Template

  • use an imposition you made in the past for your future impositions (e.g. tickets from previous example)
  • save the imposition as template
  • begin to work on a new imposition
  • import PDF
  • open a previously saved template
  • this PDF will be imposed in the same way as the previous one
  • the template is prepared for further use also in the menu and on the "Recent templates" toolbar

How to Print Various Business Cards

  • import PDF, set page size, one-sided sheet, rows and columns, etc.
  • show Page repetition palette and set repeating
  • show Pages for imposition palette and select preview
  • in this example unmark first page from imposition
  • show expanded mode of palette, select page 3 and set individual page repeat
  • set gaps between rows to zero
  • more business cards fit on the sheet now, you can increase repeating
  • set the spacing between rows at the point of contact of various business cards (double-clicking the ruler)

How to Assign Pages Manually

  • import PDF
  • set paper size
  • set marks
  • set one-sided sheet, number of rows 7 and columns 3
  • show Pages for imposition palette
  • drag and drop page from palette to sheet
  • when more positions are selected on the sheet, it is possible to assign page to all selected positions
  • export final PDF into Acrobat

How to Use Force Bleed

  • import PDF; for this example, we want to produce two two-sided leaflets on the sheet
  • set crop marks
  • add another PDF
  • the first PDF has bleed of 2 mm and the second PDF has no bleed
  • on the scale palette set fill
  • when force bleed is activated the PDF without bleed will be scaled to fill the position including bleed, which will be created
  • if you want the resulting bleed to be 3 mm (while maintaining the size of 105 x 148 mm after cutting), turn off automatic positions size and set bleed 3 mm
  • the pages will be scaled and fill the positions including a 3 mm bleed; the trimmed size of pages fills only positions size without bleed if force bleed is deactivated