Marks Palette

Marks paletteParticular marks, such as trim marks or color bars, can be displayed/hidden using this palette. Additional features for these marks are available in the Details of Marks Palette opened by clicking the "More options..." button. Settings for marks can be saved, restored from previously saved settings etc.

Mark placement is limited by imposition margins. If margins are calculated automatically (option "Auto margins" on Info Palette) they are calculated so that the marks fit in. If the margins are reduced manually, the marks will be placed according to their settings, but their visibility will be limited by the margin (they will be cropped). In such case a yellow triangle signaling a warning is displayed on the top right corner of the pallet, indicating that the margin is insufficient. This limitation does not apply to the mark for auto cutters, custom PDF, numbering and custom marks (these marks are not cropped by imposition margins and they are not taken into account during the automatic calculation of imposition margins). If you don't use some marks, you can hide their controls by right-click or in the menu for better clarity (click the "dot" button on the title bar for menu). These hidden controls will still be available on Details of Marks Palette and can also be displayed again using menu.

Button "Edit numberings & objects" activates a mode for adding and adjusting of more objects. The regime is deactivated by pressing the button again. You can find more details regarding numbering and custom objects in the chapter Numbering & Custom Objects.

Only trim marks, registration marks and sheet description controls are available in Auto mode. Some marks are only available in Expert mode and in Expanded palette view (button Expanded view on title bar).