Program Modes

The program works in three modes: Extended, Standard and Automatic. In Extended mode all functions are available at the cost of using a large amount of controls and it is intended primarily for complicated tasks in offset printing. The extended mode can be enabled in Settings. Standard mode displays features that are usually used in digital printing. Automatic mode is suitable for simple, quick and clear impositions.

Features like splitting into signatures – Groups of sheets, Correction of paper thickness, More impositions and Automatic page assignment are not available in Standard mode. It is also possible to work with only one "Pages for imposition" palette and some types of Marks are not available.

In Automatic mode many control features are set to automatic calculations and hidden. The same behavior of Montax Imposer can be achieved by manually selecting these features to automatic calculations; however, hiding them makes the interface more user-friendly and simple to operate. Of course, the options of impositions are limited in the mode compared to standard mode, but it can be used for many typical impositions.

There features are automatic and hidden in the Auto mode: