Paper Thickness Correction Palette

paper thickness correctionThis palette is only available in Expert mode.

This correction is used when papers are folded; sheets are placed into each other and stapled in the back after the imposition is printed. If there are many sheets placed into each other like this, the inner pages will shift even a couple of millimeters outwards after folding. This can cause the contents of inner pages to be too close to the edge of the paper. To correct this, the print can be shifted towards the saddle so that there is no difference in the distance from edge after cutting. This correction is activated by selecting "Shift inner pages together". It is, however, possible that the design on the pages does not allow such correction (it could shift too close to the saddle). In this case it is useful to select the "Shift outer pages apart" because it does not shift inner pages and therefore avoids the risk of moving designs or texts too close to the saddle. It is not suitable for printed matters covered in design all the way to the saddle, because when they are shifted (with insufficient bleed in the saddle) a blank area might occur at the saddle or if the design continues from one page to the next (or from the front page to the back) the transition could be distorted. Both of these corrections can be enabled at the same time to combine them and get the desired effect.

The amount of correction and thus the page shift ratio ("paper thickness") can be affected by selecting the Print shift between each sheet (shift on the last / first sheet is calculated automatically) or by selecting the total Shift on the first/last sheet (the shift between sheets is then calculated automatically). If both options are enabled it is necessary to input the shift value between two sheets manually (it cannot be calculated) and then input either the shift on the first or the last sheet (the other parameter will be calculated). The icons on the palette are updated according to the active settings showing if the shift is outward from the saddle (the distance from the saddle should be 0 or positive) or inward, for the last pages towards the saddle (this part of the page will not be visible and the distance from the saddle should be 0 or negative).

The direction of this correction (the direction of page shift compared to previous page) is shown by arrows in the preview and can also be selected on the Info Palette when selecting positions. These arrows should point towards the saddle of the resulting printed matter.

The value of correction for the displayed sheet is shown on the palette.

Note: In a case where some sheets of the final printed matters are imposed differently (e.g. the cover and the inner pages) the option "Continue from previous imposition" can be enabled (paper thickness correction must be enabled in the previous imposition). In this case the parameters for corrections are shared for all impositions with this option enabled and the shift of the first sheet of an imposition continues from the shift of the last page of the previous imposition. If this option is disabled the shift only applies for the active imposition and the next imposition will start a new correction independently on the previous ones.