Imposition menu

  • Items in this menu contain similar options as the Imposition Layout Palette:

  • One-sided, Two-sided (mirrored) sheet – Lets you select the main layout of your imposition.
  • N-UP, Booklet, Calendar, Cut & Stack – These items are used to select your imposition type.

    The following 5 items are hidden in the automatic mode, where they are always enabled:

  • Automatic size of positions – Adjusts position sizes so that they fill the sheet optimally according to pages for imposition.
  • Automatic filling of positions – When this option is enabled positions will be filled automatically with pages for imposition from left-to-right and from top down.
  • Bind front and back side – When this option is enabled changes made to either the front side or the back side of the sheet will be automatically made to the other one.
  • Further sheets automatically – When this is enabled all pages for imposition that are marked for this imposition will be imposed automatically – more sheets will be created when necessary.
  • Crop large pages to positions size is shown only in expert mode (more in Imposition Appearance Palette).
  • Auto mode, Standard mode and Expert mode – Enables required program mode.
  • Identical and cross-fold orientation – Pages can be oriented the same way in booklet imposition (sheets will be cut before further processing) or they can be oriented for cross-fold (sheets will be folded before further processing).
  • Limit bleed – you can set maximum bleed value for automatic calculation of margins and gaps. If the pages have unnecessarily large bleed, this bleed can be limited for automatic calculation (not applicable for example to manually changed bleed of positions).
  • Check PDF links & redraw previews – This item allows you to verify if the PDF files you are using were not modified. If they were modified, your pages will be updated to reflect their current state. This control is done automatically every time an imposition is opened or final PDF exported.