Main Toolbar

This description applies to all control features – some of which may be hidden depending on your settings.

Main toolbar

The first three icons of this toolbar affect the behavior of your mouse cursor on the work area. The first one allows you to select one or multiple positions on the sheet or to edit page number assigned to a position. The next one is Zoom which is used to zoom in the work area by clicking it. If you press left alt on your keyboard you will zoom out while clicking. The third icon enables panning. You can temporarily switch between these modes with Ctrl-Space, Ctrl-Alt-Space (zoom), Alt or Space (pan).

  • Fit – Makes the work area fit into the window
  • Rulers – Shows/hides rulers
  • Auto – Turns auto mode on/off
  • Variable or Numbering – Activates mode Variable data, Numbering & Custom Objects (it depends on whether you are using Variable Data Printing Extension)
  • Import – Imports a PDF file or image. See the Menu/File for more information. PDFs or images can also be imported by dragging from any file manager to the work area or to the "Pages for Imposition Palette"
  • Export PDF – Exports the final PDF. Right click on this tool activates a dialog Export options. This dialog allows rotation of output sheet during export (independently front and back side). It also allows you to use Correction of digital printer inaccuracies, export sheets to separate PDF or reverse sheet order. The use of these functions is indicated by the yellow color of the lower part of the icon, in the case of inaccuracy correction by orange color, incorrect inaccuracy correction is indicated by red color. If you are using ProHot version, the setting at the time of creating or editing the hotfolder is stored to the template of this watched folder.
  • Option Separate export is available only if you use numbering and it is described in more detail in the chapter Separate Export.
  • Help – Temporarily enables context menu even if it is disabled in settings